October 13 & 14, 2018




Thank you for your school's interest in the Rotary District 5340 LEAD Conference. We are confident that participation in LEAD will be a valuable experience for your student Delegates.

LEAD will take place at San Diego County Office of Education’s Camp Cuyamaca on the dates shown above. There is no cost to the student, to the family, or to the school. All expenses are paid by the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs of Rotary District 5340. Delegates will be transported to and from LEAD on professionally driven busses with current state, federal, and CHP required certifications.


  1. Please confirm (as soon as possible but not later than September 1) with your sponsoring Rotary Club (i.e., the Rotary Club that contacted your school about the LEAD Conference) that your school will participate. Due to camp limitations, not all middle schools in San Diego and Imperial Counties will be able to participate. Our goal is to have Delegates attend from as many different school districts and geographical areas as is feasible. Your quick response to the sponsoring Rotary Club will allow another school to participate if your school is unable to send Delegates.
  2. Review the Delegate Selection Criteria (see below), select student Delegates (either one boy and one girl or two boys and two girls depending on how many students your sponsoring Rotary Club authorizes) to represent your school at LEAD, and select two student Alternates (one boy and one girl) in case a selected Delegate is ultimately unable to attend. Please complete the selection of Delegates and Alternates no later than September 10. Encourage the students to complete the online Student Application Form and return the completed and signed application to the school LEAD representative before September 15.
  3. Collect a completed and fully signed Delegate Application from each Delegate and from each Alternate. Please indicate on the Application if it is a Delegate or an Alternate Application. Give the original, completed Applications to your sponsoring Rotary Club representative on or before September 20.
  4. The LEAD Registrar will contact the students and their parents with detailed LEAD information.
  5. If you become aware that a Delegate cannot attend the LEAD Conference, please notify your sponsoring Rotary Club so the student can be replaced by an Alternate.



Each participating school must select an equal number of boys and girls to attend LEAD as Delegates (either one boy and one girl or two boys and two girls depending on how many students your sponsoring Rotary Club authorizes) and one boy and one girl to be Alternates.

Since LEAD will occur in October, Delegate and Alternate selections must be completed by September 10. Delegates must complete the online application by September 15 and may need assistance if a computer is not available at home. Completed and signed Delegate Applications for both Delegates and Alternates must be collected and delivered to your sponsoring Rotary Club by September 20.

The LEAD Committee asks that you consider the following qualifications when selecting Delegates and Alternates to participate in LEAD.

Delegates and Alternates must exhibit these qualifications.

  • The student has the ability to collaborate effectively with others.
  • The student exhibits good study habits and is committed to academic success.

Delegates and Alternates should exhibit some or all of these qualifications.

  • The student participates in school, community, and/or international service activities, exemplifying the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self.”
  • The student has past and/or current leadership experience.
  • The student has the potential for future leadership responsibilities.

The LEAD Committee does not require that a student participant has achieved academic superiority. A student facing personal or environmental obstacles may work harder for academic achievement than another student “cruising” along at the top of the class. The LEAD Committee is pleased to have student participants that have overcome challenges and have surpassed academic expectations.

Rotary International information is available at www.Rotary.org and Rotary District 5340 information is available at www.rotary5340.org.