October 19 & 20, 2019




One of the great joys of being a Rotarian is to share your vision of leadership and service with young people. LEAD gives you the opportunity to participate in leadership, learning, and fellowship activities with some of the District’s finest 8th grade students.

Being an Advisor involves participating in a LEAD activity with your group and guiding the group, as necessary, during that activity. Effective advising enables each student to participate fully in each activity, to share their point of view in an effective manner with others, and to develop skills to excel at life such as ethical decision making, efficient communication, trust, personal growth, a positive attitude, and teamwork.


There are no formal requirements to be an Advisor. You must be a Rotarian and be interested in working with youth. The steps to become an Advisor are as follows.
  1. Check your personal calendar against the LEAD Club Timeline, found in the right sidebar of this webpage, to insure that you will be available to participate in Advisor Orientation and the LEAD Conference.
  2. Enter the LEAD Conference date on your personal calendar.
  3. Notify your Rotary Club LEAD Chair that you will attend LEAD as an Advisor. There is no cost to you or to the club for you to participate!
  4. You must become Youth Certified before you are allowed to participate in any youth program of this District or of your Rotary club. To become Youth Certified, you must go to the District website Youth Certification page and follow the instructions. When you email the District Youth Protection Officer as part of the Youth Certification process, please request that your Application be expedited so you can participate in LEAD this year. Additional information about the District 5340 Youth Protection Policy and becoming certified to work with youth can be found on the Youth Certification page.
  5. Click on the Advisor Application link in the right sidebar.
  6. A fill-in form will appear. Fill-in all information and click submit.
  7. A full application will appear. Click on the Printer Friendly Version link at the top of the page.
  8. Print out the entire application, review pre-filled information, fill-in all additional information, and get all required signatures on the form.
  9. Please scan the completed application to a PDF file and email the file as soon as possible to Paul Pierce, LEAD Advisor Coordinator, at pepjr@peplaw.com.